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How do I publish a doctor under my clinic?

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Publishing in SeeYouDoc

When you publish a doctor, your newly set up doctor page is now live at SeeYouDoc. Patients or users can search for and request appointments with this doctor. You have the flexibility to unpublish a doctor at any time, whether for edits, maintenance, or during vacations, and then republish them when needed.

Important: Be careful when publishing test doctors as live requests may need to be canceled and could negatively affect your performance points.

Step 1

Once you have defined a service, created a schedule, and assigned that schedule to a doctor, that doctor is now ready to be published. Navigate to Doctors, and select the Profile tab.

Step 2

Click Publish and confirm the action.

Step 3

An alert will appear on the top-right corner to signify the success of the transaction. This doctor will now be able to provide the service within your clinic at your defined schedule.

Use the Quick Search found at the upper right portion of the page, or the Explore Healthcare Services button on the homepage to find your new doctor.

Updated on: 04/25/2024

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