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How do I add more profiles to my account?

About Profiles

Profiles let you enroll your dependents and close contacts under your own account. This lets you manage and organize their medical history, as well as share your payment information.

Step 1

After logging in to your account, go to your Profile by clicking the user icon (see picture) on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2

Click Manage Patient Profiles

Step 3

Click Add Profile. Fill out the necessary information about the new profile, and click Save once ready.

By default, the SeeYouDoc Profiles you created are unverified. You will have to undergo SeeYouDoc’s Know Your Customer (KYC) Process for you to be able to access any of SeeYouDoc’s features and services. See How to verify my SeeYouDoc profile?

Updated on: 04/25/2024

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