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🚀 SeeYouDoc V4.0: It's here!

Released Dec 06, 2023

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on the SeeYouDoc Blog:

✨ Welcome to SeeYouDoc V4.0!

Whether you’re a patient, a doctor, or a new user, here’s a quick recap of what you can expect from this release.

Brand New Look, Brand New Features - Enjoy a fresher take on your SeeYouDoc experience. We did some backyard cleaning, bug-squashing, and added new tools and features to explore.

Know Your Customer (KYC) - All patients and doctors now undergo additional verification to ensure that all users in the community are dealing with SeeYouDoc-verified personal and business information.

HL7-FHIR (R4) - Arguably, the most technical but most important stuff in this release.

Updated Pricing - An opportunity in our pricing structure was creating challenges for doctors in committing their full healthcare service delivery to their patients. As a response, we have implemented an improved approach to address this issue.

Data Migration in Effect - In order to adapt to the new system, we’re going to have to migrate your data.

🎨 Brand New Look, Brand New Features

New Interface

SeeYouDoc has updated to a cleaner, sleeker home. We wanted to make things easier to find and more intuitive to interact with. Everything should feel lightweight and super fast.

Improved Explore Function - In place of a long grueling list that’s slow to load, searching for doctors, clinics, hospitals and health-centers, and healthcare provider networks should now be more user-friendly. Filters are now shorter and sweeter (by name, country, specialty, or availability). Clinics are less cluttered. Relevant information are more clearly defined such as the type of business, window hours, available services including starting price and modality (virtual/onsite).

Introducing Campaigns - SeeYouDoc has partnered with local and international agencies to fight emerging diseases in the Philippines. Campaigns lets you learn about SeeYouDoc’s involvement with these initiatives, and allows patients to avail these partner services.Each campaign is different and may require certain conditions to be availed. To learn more about a campaign, click on the facility offering the service.

Appointments Overhaul - We’re aware of a major challenge within our appointment system which greatly impacted the quality of our patient experience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and are committed to providing you a better experience. We are happy to announce the following improvements: New Video Call Experience & Improved Chats, New Request-Appointment System, New Cutoff Times

✨ Request Now, Pay Later! We've removed the requirement for patients to pay the consultation prior to booking.Patients can now create appointment “requests” with no limitations. These are sent for review and must be accepted/canceled for a reason by the doctor. Only accepted appointments become “booked” and only once the booked appointment (or encounter) has been completed, will the doctor be able to collect payment.

New Features
We’re always keeping an eye out for features to enhance your experience at SeeYouDoc. Here’s a few helpful ones we’ve got in store:

Introducing Triage - Clinics and facilities now have the ability to triage patients based on their appointment requests to help organize the queue for the doctor.The facility user will be able to evaluate the urgency and severity of their medical concerns as well as the proper designation the patient should be referred to. The facility user can utilize the active messaging feature of the triage system to assess symptoms, medical history, and any potential red flags.
New Waiting Room - The addition of Waiting Rooms allow doctors that are available (no active consultation) to check which patients are online and in their waiting room. This feature allows patients that are scheduled for a future appointment, to be accommodated immediately, by queuing in the waiting room. Developer’s Note: Waiting rooms will be expanded upon on a later release.
New Payment Methods - New payment options are available through our new partner payment provider (including 7-11, Cebuana remittance, eWallet, bank or credit card, and even buy now, pay later). Developer’s Note: The full payment options will be expanded on a later release.

New Tools Specific for Doctors

SeeYouDoc has added even more features to the physician’s toolkit to assist in their healthcare service delivery.

Introducing the SeeYouDoc MO Portal - Built for accounting departments and business managers, this new portal houses all the legal and payment-related settings for your medical facility. Manage your licenses, subscriptions, add-ons, and revenue from here.
Appointments Overhaul (Cont.) - We are happy to announce the following new features to the improved appointments interface: New Workspace and SOAP Notes, New Billing Interface, ICD-11 Integration, PNF 8th ed. Integration & Updated Prescriptions

🙋🏻‍♀️ Know Your Customer (KYC)

All patients and doctors now undergo additional verification to ensure that all users in the community are dealing with SeeYouDoc-verified personal, and business information.

For Patients

All users can sign up quickly and easily for a SeeYouDoc Patient account. However, a KYC step is required before one can request for an appointment with any doctor. This is a legal requirement we have to make to ensure that the doctor provides the correct clinical assessment and diagnosis to the right person.

What is Required for Patient KYC?
Personal Information (Avatar or profile icon, Name, Birthday, Sex)
Supporting Documentation (Valid ID, Selfie with Valid ID)

Only primary patient profiles are required to undergo verification. However secondary profiles may still be asked to get verified in some scenarios (e.g. participating in campaigns, etc.). KYC validation requests may take 3 to 5 business days, and may require adjustments in some cases.

For Doctors

SeeYouDoc has also focused in ensuring that all doctors in the platform are legitimate and licensed to operate. All doctors in private practice are now required to submit business information related to their physical clinic/facilities upon registration, on top of their verified PRC license to create an organization. Multiple doctors can then join the organization via invite.

What is Required for Doctor KYC?
Virtual Onboarding Interview & Product Demo
Organization Details (Clinic name, Practice type, Country, Definition of legal entity, Legal name, Business structure, TIN, Tax Type)

👨🏾‍💻 HL7-FHIR (R4)

Probably the most important feature in this release, SeeYouDoc’s data architecture has been overhauled to adopt the highest standard for the international healthcare system: HL7-FHIR. Let’s talk about it.

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, Release 4) is the most widely used standard for interoperability in sharing patient health data. FHIR standards enable comprehensive integration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR), allowing healthcare providers to access data from laboratories, pharmacies, and from various medical facilities all in one place.With the National Health Data Repository functions completed, an HL7-FHIR R4 compliant telemedicine platform puts it in a unique advantage for two things.1. The platform would make the Health Information Exchange to other systems more readily available, and more “readable” by other health databases.2. PhilHealth will be able to reimburse DOH programs on telemedicine platforms that support the use of HL7-FHIR in their systems.

— From the Telemedicine Roadmap for Philippine LGUs, WHO Philippines (2023)

As an example, a local facility that uses the FHIR framework can easily process a referral from another FHIR facility even though they are from different countries without losing data, or doing redundancies in the process. This saves a lot of time from both the patient answering the questions, and the healthcare providers processing the referral.

📕 Updated Pricing

For Organizations

All doctors in private practice are now required to set up and define their organization within SeeYouDoc. New that already belong to an organization, such as a private hospital, can join via an invite.

Organization Setup: ₱200.00 per month

For Doctors

The following are changed:

Appointments - For paid appointments, we’ve removed the SeeYouDoc share percentage (commission fee) previously deducted for each completed appointment. Doctors will now receive their full share of the practitioner fee.

The following are unchanged:
Transaction fees for processing payments vary, and are handled by our payment provider. These fees are visible for each transaction prior to confirmation.
Subscription costs for add-ons such as additional clinics (outside 5), analytics, or modules, such as the TB Module etc. are billed as normal.

For Patients

The following are changed:

Appointments - For paid appointments, patients are now billed a computed convenience fee based on premium features used by the doctor within the appointment or encounter:

Video Call: ₱1 per minute (e.g. ₱30 for 30 mins ave consultation); Video Recording & Storage (coming soon)

The following are unchanged:
Transaction fees for processing payments vary, and are handled by our payment provider. These fees are visible for each transaction prior to confirmation.

To our Dear Patients and Doctors, SeeYouDoc has just released it’s newest update: SeeYouDoc V4! This update includes a massive overhaul in SeeYouDoc’s data architecture, new features for both patients and doctors, as well as improvements in security, data privacy, and bug fixes. We wrote a quick recap of what you can expect from this release. You can read it here: update has been a labor of love from your humble SeeYouDoc team for the past 2+ years. And we know you’ve been waiting for it. So whether you’re a patient, a doctor, or a new user, there’s something new in here for you. After the migration is complete, your existing data and old account information will automatically be linked back to you via your existing email address. You will only need to reset your password to continue using SeeYouDoc.We are excited for you to experience the new features! For questions, please email us at Thank you!

— SeeYouDoc Team

Please email us your feedback or questions at

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