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Release Notes — V4.0.2

Released Apr 01, 2024

Dear SeeYouDoc community, we’re excited to announce the release of SeeYouDoc V4.0.2 — a significant update packed with improvements and enhancements to elevate your healthcare experience. In this version, we’ve focused on addressing user feedback, fixing bugs, and optimizing performance to ensure a seamless and efficient platform.

Here’s what’s new:

🐞 Fixes

To enhance stability and performance, we’ve implemented these big fixes:
Resolved the issue related to attaching doctor’s signature on service requests.
Corrected the messaging of email notifications sent to doctors when a patient reschedules their appointment.
Fixed broken links on the emails sent to patients and doctors.

🔨 Improvements

We’re thrilled to share that SeeYouDoc is officially registered with the National Privacy Commission in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. You can find our DPO/DPS registration seal proudly displayed in the footer section of our website.
We’ve also enabled clinic users to publish or unpublish the services offered within their respective clinic, providing them with greater control and flexibility over their clinic’s digital presence and offerings.

✨ New Features

Content Management System

A centralized section for organizing, editing, publishing, and updating contents of the custom website hosted by SeeYouDoc.

Note: The Content Management System within the SeeYouDoc MH Portal functions exclusively for facilities that have opted to avail a customized website hosted by SeeYouDoc.

Email Notifications

Patients will now be receiving email notifications when a doctor issues service requests, medical certificates, and prescriptions.

Cancellation Reasons

Patients, doctors, and clinic users are now able to select from a pre-defined list of reasons for cancellation when they decide to cancel an appointment.

Auto Payouts

Organizations may now set up auto payouts as part of their payment collection and disbursement process.
The auto payouts feature in SeeYouDoc V4 automates the process of distributing payments or commissions to doctors and the organization, ensuring timely, accurate, and hassle-free disbursement of earnings.
This functionality streamlines the payment process, providing convenience and efficiency for organizations within the SeeYouDoc platform.

Here are some specific use cases for auto payouts:

For LGUs (Local Government Units):
Health Outreach Programs — LGUs may run health outreach programs targeting specific demographics or health issues. SeeYouDoc’s auto payout feature can be utilized to reimburse healthcare providers participating in these programs for services rendered to program beneficiaries.

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations): Claims Processing — HMOs receive claims from healthcare providers for services rendered to HMO members. SeeYouDoc’s auto payout feature can expedite the processing and payment of these claims by automating the disbursement process. Provider Payments — HMOs often have agreements with a network of healthcare providers for the provision of medical services to members. SeeYouDoc’s auto payout feature can streamline the payment process by automatically disbursing payments to participating providers based on the services rendered and the terms of the agreement.

Private Hospitals: Physician Payments — Private hospitals employ physicians who provide medical services to patients. SeeYouDoc’s auto payout feature can simplify the payment process by automatically disbursing consultation fees to physicians for services rendered.

Cash-out Requests

Migrated users from SeeYouDoc V3 may now cash out their remaining credits from their SeeYouDoc V3 account through their Patient Portal.

Note: This is only for SeeYouDoc users who have remaining credits on their accounts. If you have no remaining balance, you will not be able to request for cash out, nor can you transfer credits into your SeeYouDoc V4 account.

Please email us your feedback or questions at

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Updated on: 04/01/2024

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