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Release Notes β€” V4.0.4

Released June 01, 2024

The SeeYouDoc team is excited to announce the release of SeeYouDoc V4.0.4. This update includes a range of new features, improvements, and bug fixes designed to enhance the user experience for both healthcare providers and patients.

Here’s what’s new:

✨ New Features

Service Request Creation on the Clinic Portal

Clinic users can now create service requests directly from the platform, streamlining the process of managing patient needs and reducing administrative workload for doctors.

Patient Reassignment

Clinic users now have the ability to reassign patients to different doctors within the same clinic, providing greater flexibility in managing patient care. This feature is useful for clinics with multiple doctors, especially when doctors get pulled into emergency cases and cannot fulfill their initial appointment requests.

Appointment History Viewing

Network, facility, and clinic users can now view the appointment history of a patient within the triage section, enhancing the ability to track patient care over time. This will facilitate better decision-making for patient care.

πŸ”¨ Improvements

Email Confirmation

Users can now confirm their email addresses upon registration, enhancing account security, and communication reliability. This ensures that all communications are sent to a verified email address, thereby improving reliability and trust.

🐞 Fixes

To enhance stability and performance, we've implemented the following fixes:

SeeYouDoc MC (Clinic)

Calendar Display Issues

Fixed an issue where upcoming appointments were not reflected on the calendar preventing missed appointments and scheduling conflicts.

Appointment Sorting

Appointments are now sorted by the date of the appointment rather than the date of the appointment request, making it easier for clinic users to manage their schedules effectively.

Doctor Reassignment

Resolved a bug where appointments were not appearing on the appointment list of a newly assigned doctor. This will ensure that appointments appear correctly on the new doctor's list, maintaining continuity of patient care during reassignment.

Auto-Approve and Reassignment Conflict

The option to reassign doctors on appointments no longer disappears when the clinic is set to auto-approve appointments, further enhancing flexibility and functionality.

Multiple Services Display

Addressed a problem where multiple appointments with all services appeared on the appointment history tab in triage when clinics had multiple services. This ensures a clear and accurate appointment history for healthcare providers to cross-check double booking of patients while still in triage.

Server Error on Appointment Creation

Creating an appointment at a clinic with no doctor or incomplete doctor information no longer results in an internal server error. Clinic users can now smoothly create appointments for patients without the system crashing.

SeeYouDoc (Patient)

Encounter Page Update

The details of newly assigned doctors now correctly reflect on the patient's encounter page once accepted by both parties. This provides confirmation for the patient that they have joined and are waiting for the right doctor.

Billing Information Error

Corrected the display of the shareable payment link to show the accurate time in the Billing Information.

SeeYouDoc MD (Doctor)

Doctor Onboarding Request

Doctors can now edit and re-submit their onboarding request if they were initially denied. This allows doctors to address any issues or missing information that led to the denial and resubmit their onboarding request for reconsideration, reducing the time and effort required to correct and resubmit requests, and increases the likelihood of successful onboarding by allowing doctors to rectify errors promptly.

We value your feedback! If you have any questions, suggestions, or encounter any issues while using SeeYouDoc V4, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team ( Your input helps us continue to improve and enhance the SeeYouDoc experience for everyone.

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Updated on: 05/31/2024

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