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Release Notes — V4.0.1

Released Mar 01, 2024

Dear SeeYouDoc community, welcome to the latest update of the SeeYouDoc V4 platform! We're thrilled to introduce you to the new features, enhancements, and improvements that will take your healthcare experience to the next level. In this documentation, you'll find a comprehensive overview of what's new in SeeYouDoc V4 and how these changes will benefit both healthcare providers and patients.

How to Access SeeYouDoc V4

Existing users can access SeeYouDoc V4 by simply logging into their accounts at New users can sign up for an account on the SeeYouDoc website to take advantage of the latest features and functionalities.

Current users of SeeYouDoc V3 will be migrated into the new version. Once the migration process has been completed, you can log in using the email address associated with your SeeYouDoc V3 account. To know the format of the password, please reach out to our Customer Success Team via Crisp chat or via email at

🐞 Fixes

Various fixes for stability and performance

🔨 Improvements

Various improvements on UI and UX

✨ New Features

Patient Profiles

Patients now have the ability to create multiple profiles within their SeeYouDoc account making the platform even more accessible.
Providers can tailor their approach to patient care based on these personalized profiles, fostering stronger doctor-patient relationships and improving outcomes.

Patient Health Records

SeeYouDoc V4 provides comprehensive patient health records, enabling providers to securely store and access patient information in one centralized location.
Providers can easily view patient medical history, medical files, prescriptions, and SOAP notes, streamlining the decision-making process and enhancing patient care.

TB Module

As part of the USAID’s Innovations Laboratory for TB Solutions under the TB Platforms Project, we have developed a module encompassing Tuberculosis (TB) case management (screening, diagnosis, and initiation of treatment) which is seamlessly integrated within the SeeYouDoc platform.
The overall objectives of the initiative are to improve patient access to TB healthcare, enhance integrated TB service delivery, and promote health-seeking behaviors for TB.
Currently, the TB Module is available only to residents of Parañaque City, as one of the USAID TB Platform project sites.
Note: Parañaque City residents can now avail of Parañaque City’s TB services under the SeeYouDoc platform.


The triage process introduced in SeeYouDoc V4 is a systematic and efficient approach designed to prioritize and streamline patient care.
Providers can now use the triage system to evaluate the urgency and severity of their medical concerns as well as determine the proper clinic the patient should be referred to.

Active Messaging

Communication between providers and patients is now more efficient and effective with the active messaging features.
Providers can send important updates, reminders, and follow-up instructions directly to patients through the SeeYouDoc platform, ensuring timely and meaningful engagement.


With this new feature, healthcare providers can seamlessly refer patients to different facilities or clinics within their network, enhancing collaboration and improving patient care.

Enhanced Appointment Management

We've revamped the appointment management system to provide greater flexibility and efficiency for both providers and patients.
Providers can now set custom appointment durations, block off specific time slots, and manage their availability with ease.
Patients can enjoy a smoother booking experience with improved calendar visibility and real-time availability updates.


SeeYouDoc V4 transforms the payment experience for patients, offering a seamless, secure, and convenient way to manage paid appointments within the platform.
SeeYouDoc V4 employs transparent billing practices, with clear breakdowns of charges and fees associated with each transaction. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the platform, ensuring users have full visibility into their financial transactions.


With this feature, patients can instantly refund their entire payment (including the convenience fee paid to payment channels) directly back to their e-wallets in the event of appointment cancellations.
Offering real-time refunds significantly improves the convenience for patients, allowing them to quickly access their refunded funds and use them for other healthcare needs or appointments without any waiting period.
By eliminating delays in the refund process, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for patients. Whether it’s a last-minute cancellation or a change in plans, patients can easily manage their appointments and payments with confidence.

Video Call Tokens

Upon onboarding, healthcare organizations, particularly LGUs, have the option to avail of the video call tokens configuration in SeeYouDoc V4.
When patients schedule and attend online consultations, the fees incurred are automatically covered by the healthcare organization. Patients do not need to worry about payment during the consultation process.


With connections, medical organizations now have the ability to link up with other organizations, facilitating seamless patient referrals between their networks, facilities, or clinics.
By establishing connections, organizations can streamline the patient referral process even further. Healthcare providers can easily refer patients to other organizations within their network or affiliated clinics, ensuring continuity of care and timely access to specialized services.

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