How Do I View Analytics on the Facility (MH) Portal?

The MH Portal Dashboard provide a comprehensive overview of all clinics within a facility, offering insights and analytics that encompass the entire clinic network. It does not offer individual clinic analytics.

To view and have access to the analytics of a specific clinic under a facility (MH), you need to be invited by its owner to become a clinic user and access the dashboards in the MC Portal. Alternatively, if you know the facility owner, you can request an invitation directly from them.

Step 1

Once you have been invited as a facility user you will have access to the SeeYouDoc Facility (MH) Portal.

Go to the organization portal by clicking the four boxes icon on the upper right corner of the screen beside the profile icon.

Then, click "Facility Portal".

Step 2

Choose and click the facility.

Step 3

You may now manage your facility through the SeeYouDoc Facilty (MH) Portal.

Step 4

On the dashboard page of the MH portal, you will see a graphical representation of the monthly appointment counts categorized by status.

Booked = Patient and doctor has accepted the appointment.
Canceled = Patient or doctor has declined the appointment.
Fulfilled = The encounter has successfully been completed.
Pending = Patient or doctor has yet to accept the appointment.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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