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How do I reschedule my booked appointment?

Step 1

Go to the patient portal by clicking the four boxes icon on the upper right corner of the screen beside the profile icon.

Choose a profile which was used to request an appointment. Note: If you have not added additional profiles under your SeeYouDoc account, you will only be able to select your own profile.

Step 2

On the appointments tab, select a Booked appointment that you want to Reschedule.

Step 3

Click on Other action, and select Propose a New Schedule.

Step 4

Pick your new preferred schedule, and the reason for rescheduling. This will be viewed by your doctor who will be notified of your reschedule request. Once ready, click the Propose new schedule button to submit the request.

Step 5

Once you have rescheduled or proposed a new schedule for your appointment, the status of your appointment will revert back to “pending” as the doctor will have to approve the new schedule once again. Your proposal for reschedule will be logged under the activities tab.

Updated on: 04/28/2024

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