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SeeYouDoc MO User Guide

This SeeYouDoc MO user guide was prepared for organization administrators, managers, admin & accounting. It is meant to serve as a general reference in the usage of the using the SeeYouDoc MO (Organization Management) portal. Additional content will be added as this gets updated.

Before we start

To find your MO or Organization Portal, navigate to the grid icon next to your profile (see picture). If you do not have access to your Doctor portal, you may need to create one. See SeeYouDoc MD User Guide.

Adding Networks, Facilities, and Clinics to my Organization

How do I add a medical network into my organization?
How do I add a facility into my organization?
How do I add a clinic into my organization?

Setting up Payouts

How to setup payout channels?
How to issue a payout to a doctor under my organization?

Connecting to other Organizations

How Do I Connect My Organization to Another Organization?
How Do I Accept An Organization's Connection Request?

If you have questions, or would like to request a guide for a specific topic, please send us a message at

Updated on: 06/27/2024

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