How Do I Connect My Organization to Another Organization?

SeeYouDoc introduces Connections under your MO Portal. With connections, medical organizations now have the ability to link up with other organizations, facilitating seamless patient referrals between their networks, facilities, or clinics.

To set up a connection with another organization:

Step 1

On your MO Portal, scroll down to settings and click "Connections".

Step 2

Click "New Connection".

Step 3

Select Organization.

Step 4

Select Clinics.

NOTE: Clinics must be published for it to be selected.

Step 5

Select Facilities.

NOTE: Facilities must be published for it to be selected.

Step 6

Optional: You may also enter a note.

Step 7

Click "Submit".

Step 8

Wait for the receiving organization to review and approve your connection request.

Once approved, you will be able to refer your patients to the other organization's facilities and clinics, and vice versa.

Updated on: 06/27/2024

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