How To Issue a Service Request as a Clinic User

Creating or issuing a service request as a clinic user follows a process similar to that of the doctors.

Step 1

On the clinic portal, go to encounters.

Step 2

Click any encounters from the list.

Step 3

While on the encounter page, you may click the "Clinical" tab.

Step 4

Then, click "Service Request".

You may create a service request before, during, or right after the encounter has ended.

Step 5

Click "New Service Request".

Step 6

Choose whether you will assign the patient to a facility within the same organization or to a different clinic under your facility and organization.

Step 7

Select the clinic/facility where you will refer the patient.

Step 8

Select care plan (if applicable). Otherwise, you may just select N/A.

Note: The care plan is only available for SeeYouDoc's TB Module.

Step 9

Select category.

Step 10

Select priority.

Step 11

Enter note.

Step 12

Click "Save".

Step 13

The service request will now appear under inward referrals at the receiving clinic/facility.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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