How To Create a Medical Certificate as a Practitioner?

Step 1

While on the Encounter page, you may click the "Clinical" tab

Step 2

Then, click "Medical Certificate"

You may create the SOAP Notes before, during, or right after the encounter has ended.

Step 3

Click "New".

Step 4

Enter and format the content of the medical certificate.

Click "Save"

By default, the medical certificate will be tagged as a "draft". This means that the patient will not yet be able to see the medical certificate.

Click on this "draft medical certificate".

You may preview what the medical certificate would look like on the patient's POV by clicking the "Preview" button.

To send the medical certificate to the patient:

Click "Finalize".

Review medical certificate contents and don't forget to tick the "Send to patient" checkbox.

Click "Save".

The medical certificate will now be issued and available to be viewed by the patient.

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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