How To Conduct an Online Consultation as a Practitioner (MD)?

Step 1

From the homepage, click the menu icon on the upper right corner of the screen beside the profile icon.

Then, click "Doctor Portal".

Step 2

Click the "Clinics" tab and select your registered clinic.

Step 3

Click the "Appointments" tab.

Step 4

Select a pending appointment.

Step 5

Accept the patient's appointment request if it meets your schedule.

Step 6

Once the patient has paid the appointment, you can now click the "Go to Encounter" button.

While waiting for the patient, you can notify them through chat that you are ready for the appointment.

Step 7

Once the patient enters the waiting room, click the "Accept patient" button so that the patient can join the online consultation.

When the patient accepts the video call, the consultation will start.

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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