How Do I Reassign Patients to a Different Doctor?

Once you have created an appointment, you can reassign the patient to another doctor if the originally assigned doctor is unavailable to perform the service for any reason. Please note that your clinic should have multiple doctors onboarded for you to be able to reassign to a different doctor.

Note: Reassigning of doctors is restricted to doctors of the same clinic only. Reassigning of doctors to a different clinic within the same facility is not allowed since it is expected that the patients have already been triaged to the proper clinic already.

Step 1

Once you have created an appointment, click "other action".

Step 2

Click "Assign to a different doctor".

Step 3

Select a new doctor for the appointment.

Step 4

Click "Assign Doctor".

Step 5

The assigned doctor for the appointment should now be changed.

Updated on: 05/14/2024

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