How do I manage inward referrals?

If your facility has received a patient referral from a network, another facility, or a clinic, you can expect to see it on the Inward tab under the Referrals.

Step 1

Go to your facility portal by clicking the grid icon on the upper right corner of the screen beside the profile icon. Then select the facility you wish to manage.

Step 2

Under Referrals, click on the Triage button.

Step 3

Select an Active referral status to manage it. You can choose to Void, Refer to a clinic, or Refer to a facility.

Void - You may void a triage request if you think the patient no longer needs your facility services.
Assign to facility - Assign the patient to a different facility within your network.
Assign to clinic - Assign the patient to a clinic within your facility.

Choose whichever applies to the patient referral.

Updated on: 04/08/2024

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