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What is SeeYouDoc MD?

SeeYouDoc MD will help you as a doctor to set up your professional profile so you can reach more patients, manage your schedule, daily appointments, and medical records. There are four main sections within SeeYouDoc MD namely Clinics, Organizations, Credits and Settings. In this article we'll give you a brief explanation on what these sections do.


The Clinic section is where the medical practitioner can manage their clinics like viewing their appointments, patients, change their daily schedule and view patient reviews. Clinics pending approval will also appear in this section. They can also add another clinic.

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The Organization section is where the user can view the organizations that they are affiliated with as well as view the events they have attended under the organizations and even the CPD points they gained.

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The Credits lets you view information regarding your account's credits. This section also allows you to purchase more credits and view your transaction history

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The Settings section is where you can make changes to your profile like basic information, business information, the HMOs you are affiliated with.

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Updated on: 10/22/2020

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