Here's a list of things you can accomplish using SeeYouDoc:

Manage your Doctors

Set which clinic a doctor is assigned to as well a which department they belong to.

Edit the doctor's availability

Manage your clinics

Assign doctors to a clinic, let your patients know what services a clinic offers as well as edit the clinic's availability/schedule.


Here you can add the services that your facility offers which can then be assigned to clinics. This lets your patients know what kind of services your facility offers.

Below is what it would look like in a custom website.


The departments section is where you can categorize your doctors.

This is how it would look like in a custom website.

Events and Promos

This is mainly for the custom website, any promo and event you create will be diplayed in the website.

Content Management

Here you can edit your facility's description, upload pictures and edit your facility's mission and vision


You can set the HMOs your facility is affiliated with


Here you can add/edit information regarding the rooms in your facility


SeeYouDoc also provides you with a space where you can enter job postings should you need it.

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