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System and Device Requirements

To facilitate the best experience, we recommend you maintain an up-to-date operating system and run the latest version of the SeeYouDoc app, or the latest web browser. We add great new features regularly, and the most recent updates will provide the best functionality for you and your team.

More memory on your device will provide a smoother experience.

Key Features

Have enough memory and storage available
Update your OS, web browser, and the SeeYouDoc app regularly

You need these to successfully use SeeYouDoc

Internet speeds

There isn't a strict requirement, but typical bitrates are 8-10Mbps per user, for the online consultations
Ensure you have a similar bitrate during payment transactions

SeeYouDoc mobile apps and Web app


We recommend using at least iOS 8 or higher to be able to use the SeeYouDoc app
Always update to the latest SeeYouDoc app version for the best experience


Have Android OS 7.0 (Nougat) or higher installed to install the latest version of the SeeYouDoc app
Always update to the latest SeeYouDoc app version for the best experience

Desktop / Laptop

We recommend using the latest version of the following browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Safari on macOS
Edge or Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10

Incompatible Device

If you cannot download the SeeYouDoc app due to an incompatible mobile device, please use the web or mobile browser.

We recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser and log in with your user credentials on

If you cannot proceed to the conference link because the app is requiring you to download Jitsi, please go to the Google Play or Apple Store.

After downloading the Jitsi app, go back to SeeYouDoc and access your conference link again.
The Jitsi page wiill show two options : Download the app or Continue to the App
Click "continue to the app

Updated on: 10/22/2020

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