What do we offer in SeeYouDoc?

As you are new in SeeYouDoc, let us give you a little background at what we do before you head on.

SeeYouDoc was primarily created to address the pain points of not only patients but also doctors, hospital administrators, and those that are in the health industry.

SeeYouDoc’s telehealth services help connect patients and doctors in the most convenient way, that is, through the use of mobile devices.


Upon signing in, you will be directed to SeeYouDoc’s user homepage that shows the following:

My Profile
My Country
SeeYouDoc apps
Live Chat

The SeeYouDoc homepage will serve as the main panel where you can see the different buttons that will take you to your profile, notifications, and even to have a live chat with our customer service.

Search & Book

Searching for doctors and booking medical appointments is simple with SeeYouDoc. We have a pool of board-certified doctors that you can book anytime and anywhere you are. Follow these steps to search and book your appointment:

Click “Search for Doctors”

After clicking, you should be directed to our list of doctors. Here, you will immediately see the doctor’s specialization, the clinics and hospitals they attend to, their years of experience, and affiliated HMO/s.

Select a doctor or fill out categories

If the doctor you are looking for is not available on the schedule you want or maybe you are undecided about the doctor you need. You may enter the details at the categories section on the left side of your screen. Fill in or filter the information that would be most helpful to you like specifying the following:

Name of doctor
Specialization - field of medicine
Affiliated HMO - health insurance
City - possibly the nearest to your location
Online Consultation - if you are looking for a doctor who is available for online consultation
Years of Experience - number of years the doctor is in the industry

Book appointment

SeeYouDoc’s online appointment system is your go-to when you are seeking convenient advance booking, and want to avoid long queues or crowds.

Once you’ve selected a doctor, you should be able to see his/her profile. If your doctor has multiple clinics, you may choose which clinic you would like to visit and book an appointment with.

Select services

Feel free to select the services you need from the list that are available and click, “PROCEED TO BOOKING.”

Select the date and time of your appointment

As you proceed with your booking, you will be directed to a page where you can select a date and time of your appointment. You will notice on the left side of the screen the rate of your service and the clinic you are booking your appointment with. Here, you will also be able to see if your doctor is available as you select a specific date and time.

Confirm appointment

Confirm your appointment by 1) selecting the SeeYouDoc profile of the person who will visit the doctor and 2) providing the reason for your appointment. If you are sick, you may describe your symptoms or your current physical condition in the text box provided. Once you are done, just click, “NEXT.”

Select the payment option

These are the following payment options before you finalize your appointment:

Pay using credits - this is for online services where you must have sufficient balance on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet
Cash - this is for outpatient services where you can personally make the payment at the doctor's clinic

Book appointment

Once you have finalized your desired schedule, provided the necessary information, and settled your payment option, you may now click the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button.

Make sure to read the corresponding notes we have written prior to booking your appointment.

My Profile

When you click on your profile photo, a drop-down menu will appear with the following:

Credit Points

1. Profiles

In the Profiles page, you will be able to see your basic information like your name, gender, birthday, contact number, and email address. You may also add another profile for your immediate family who can also use your SeeYouDoc profile when booking an appointment.

Also on this page, you will see all the appointments you booked, the details, and their corresponding status, which can either be Pending, Approved, Declined, and Completed.

For more information about yourself, you may add your medical records or history so that your doctor can have more basis during your consultation.

2. Credit Points

In the Credit Points page, you will be able to see your current balance, which you can use to avail of product features of SeeYouDoc such as booking an appointment or making pre-consultation advice via video call. These credits will be digitally stored on your SeeYouDoc wallet.
When you purchase SeeYouDoc credits, this constitutes that you are buying either through these payment methods: (a) via PayPal account or (b) via credit/debit card.

All your transactions are also documented at the bottom of this page.

Here are the steps to add credits to your SeeYouDoc wallet:

Enter your desired amount to transfer or choose from the preset amount.

Then, select from the two payment options available:

via PayPal - login to connect your PayPal account or provide necessary information through the PayPal Guest Checkout
via credit/debit card - fill up the necessary information in the form

Click the "Pay Now" button

Once you are able to add credits on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet successfully, a notification will pop up on the upper right corner of your screen confirming your transaction.


This is where all SeeYouDoc doctors you have bookmarked will be saved. The bookmark icon is in the profile of each doctor.

4. Settings

In the Settings page, you will be able to update your profile as a patient from your personal and account information to changing your password and seeing your activity logs.

Personal Info

In the Personal Info tab, you will be able to upload your profile picture and update your first, middle, and last name, your gender, and your birthday. Note: these fields are already filled out when you register for a SeeYouDoc account.

Account Info

In the Account Info tab, you will see if your user credentials such as your email address and mobile number are verified. You may also connect your social media accounts with SeeYouDoc like your Facebook or Google account. These details are part of your login credentials.

In this tab also, you may modify your time zone to keep it up to date whenever you receive a notification about changes in your appointment or reminder on your consultation.

The two-factor authentication serves as an extra layer of security for your SeeYouDoc account to ensure that you are the only one who can access your account.

The delete account option is also in this tab. Note that there are possible effects when you decide to delete your account in SeeYouDoc.

SeeYouDoc has also a 4-digit referral code for some of its new users. This could be provided by your doctor.

Change password

To change your password, simply go to the “Change Password” tab. Here, you will be asked to enter your current password in order to proceed in updating and confirming your new password. Hit the “SAVE CHANGES” button once you are done.

In case you fail to remember your password, you may click the “Forgot Password?” button.


All reminders, changes or updates in your appointment or consultation, upcoming events, and messages from SeeYouDoc will be available in the Notifications page.

To go to your Notifications page:
Click the notification bell at the top of the SeeYouDoc web page.
Select the notification message you would like to check

Online Consultation

There are two possible options for making an online consultation with SeeYouDoc both in web and mobile apps.

Online Consult via appointment - this means you can book your pre-consultation via video call in advance. You will receive a notification message five minutes before your online consultation so you can prepare before your call.

Online Consult via direct call - this means you can directly and on the spot make pre-consultation via video call with an available doctor.

Both options enable patients to connect with doctors via video call. During the pre-consultation advice (PCA), doctors provide each patient with brief expert medical advice or initial diagnosis regarding their symptoms or current physical condition.

For web users, you can search which doctors are available for booking an advance consultation.

In the Homepage, click “Conduct Online Consultation”

Click “True” on the Online Consult and select a doctor from the list

As you go to the doctor’s profile, click “Book Appointment,” a window will appear showing the services available. Click “Online Consultation - Online service” as seen in the screenshot below and hit the “PROCEED TO BOOKING” button.

You will be directed to the Book an appointment page. The process is the same as when you are booking an appointment to visit a doctor.

Select a date & time for your online consultation
Confirm your consultation by selecting a SeeYouDoc profile and providing reasons why you would like to have a consultation
Select your payment option or request a free consultation
Confirm that you authorize and provide your consent to participate in Telemedicine Consultation. Make sure you check the box beside the authorization message.

Finally, click the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button

Once you have placed your online consultation, you will receive notification messages about your appointment and a reminder when your scheduled online consultation is coming.

For mobile users, here are the steps to start SeeYouDoc’s pre-consultation advice:

Open the SeeYouDoc app on your mobile device
Click the "Search" button to find a doctor that suits you

Select a doctor

Choose your consultation option:

Online Consult via appointment - you will set a schedule for your online consultation
Online Consult via direct call - you will make prompt consultation

Online Consult via appointment

Click “Online Consult via appointment”

Select date and time you want to make the consultation. You will notice here the number of available slots in a specific schedule.

Select a SeeYouDoc profile who will make the online consultation

Provide a brief description of your symptoms, current physical condition, or state the reason why you would like to consult a doctor at the “Chief complaint” textbox. Then, click the “Continue” button to proceed with the next step.

Choose a payment option and confirm that you agree participate in telemedicine consultation

As we are currently battling against a global health crisis brought about by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), SeeYouDoc has partnered with volunteer doctors and the Department of Health to make free consultation available for patients.

Check carefully your appointment details. Once you confirm that the information you provided are correct, you may now click the “Book appointment” button.

Online Consult via direct call

Click the “Online Consult via direct call” button

Select which SeeYouDoc profile will make a direct online consultation

Describe briefly your symptoms or current physical condition at the text box provided.

Finally, click the “Proceed to video call” button

To check your appointments using your mobile device, simply click the Appointments button at the bottom of the homepage.

In your appointment details, you should be able to see the status of your appointment. It could be Pending, Approved, Declined, and Completed.

A conference link will be available five minutes before your scheduled online consultation.

Live Chat

SeeYouDoc has integrated a live chat option where you can reach anyone from our sales team to assist you with your questions regarding the SeeYouDoc app.

The Live Chat icon be seen on the bottom left of your screen. You may also go to our helpdesk as some of your questions may have been answered already in one of our helpdesk articles.

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