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How to View Doctor, Clinic or Hospital Profiles?

Viewing Doctor Profiles

To view a doctor's profile, you must first search for the doctor you want to view. Read about searching for doctors How do I search for doctors using SeeYouDoc?

Once you've found the doctor you want to view, click on their name to be redirected to their profile page. This is also the page where you can book your appointments (read our article about that here)

Viewing Hospital Profiles

Viewing hospital profiles is almost the same with viewing a doctor's profile but instead of selecting doctors, the search type should be switched to Facility

Once you found a facility you like, simply click on the name to be redirected to the hospital's profile page.

You can also find a list of clinics and doctors in this page.

Viewing Clinic Profiles

You can access the clinic profile page by clicking on the clinic names from either the Doctor Profile Page or the Hospital Profile Page

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Updated on: 10/22/2020

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