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How to navigate the MP Dashboard?


On the Dashboard you can see the following:

Total No. of Customers.
Total No. of Doctors, subscribed under your customers
Total Partner Revenue, based on the license and transaction review share for the current year
Total No. of Bookings per month
Total No. of Completed Appointments per month
Total No. of Licenses per month, i.e. active, expired / deactivated as well as expiring licenses

Licenses Per Month

Here's a quick example to guide you on how to read the licenses graph:

Example: Total No of Licenses

Total active licenses = 10
5 licenses under Sub 1, Apr 1 to May 31
5 licenses under Sub 2, Apr 1 to April 30
Expired/deactivated licenses = 5
5 licenses under Sub 2, since it was deactivated on April 10

Total active licenses = 5
Sub 1, carried over from previous month
Expiring licenses = 5
Sub 1, expiring on May 31

Blue bar represents the active licenses during the month
Red bar represents the licenses that were expired and deactivated during the month
Yellow bar represents the licenses that will expire for the month, previous expired / deactivated licenses will not be reflected

Updated on: 04/20/2021

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