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How to manage Doctors in SeeYouDoc MC?

As an admin of a SeeYouDoc MC facility, you can manage (add and delete) doctors to your clinic.
You can also view the status of your doctors' contact details verifications as well as their active / publish status.

Managing Doctors

Log in to
Click the SeeYouDoc MC Portal button
Click Doctors on the menu

You will see the remaining licenses from your paid subscription on top of the page

Adding a Doctor

Go to the Doctors page
Click the + New Doctor button at the top of the list

You can either (1) search and add a doctor previously registered on SeeYouDoc, or (2) add a new doctor
For MC facilities that are now part of a partner's program, please see below: Adding Doctors under the Partner Subscription

Adding Previously Registered Doctors

Fill in at least one of the fields below
First Name
Last Name
PRC Number
Click the Search button
Click the Add as doctor button under the doctor's name
Assign the doctor to a clinic and department
Click the Submit button

Adding a New Doctor

Click the Add new doctor button at the bottom
Fill in the required fields:
First Name
Last Name
PRC Number
Email Address
Click the Submit button

Please remind the doctors to check their clinic availability/schedule. These will be used by patients when booking appointments.
The newly-added added doctor will receive an email invitation to complete registration and use the facility or clinic.

The SeeYouDoc Administrators will now be notified and will verify the practitioner request
Upon verification doctor's profile will be set to active and publish

Deleting a Doctor

Go to the Manage Doctors page
Click on Delete icon under the Actions column
Confirm deletion by clicking on the Yes, delete it. button

Doctor will be removed from your MC but will retain the status on their other SeeYouDoc accounts

Adding Doctors under the Partner Subscription

Go the Doctors tab and view the list of Doctors
Click the Add To Subscription button on the Partner Subscription column
Make sure that the button is refreshed and displays Subscribed

Your partner should now be able to view your added doctor in the subscription list.

Updated on: 05/03/2021

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