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How do I make an online consultation?

The Online Consultation via video call is SeeYouDoc's solution to improve the healthcare system in the country. It is built primarily to provide patients the most convenient way to reach out to a medical practitioner using their smartphones or tablets.

Through online consultations, patients and doctors remotely connect via video call. During online consultations, doctors provide their patients with brief expert medical advice or initial diagnosis regarding their symptoms or current physical condition.

Follow these steps to start SeeYouDoc's pre-consultation advice:

There are two possible options for making an online consultation with SeeYouDoc both in web and mobile apps.

Online Consult via appointment - this means you can book your pre-consultation via video call in advance. You will receive a notification message five minutes before your online consultation so you can prepare before your call.

Online Consult via direct call - this means you can directly and on the spot make pre-consultation via video call with an available doctor.

For web users, you can search which doctors are available for booking an advance consultation.

In the Homepage, click “Conduct Online Consultation”

Click “True” on the Online Consult and select a doctor from the list if it's not already toggled. You will then be presented with a list of doctors that offer online consultations. Clicking on a doctor's name will redirect you to their profile page.

From the doctor's profile page you will find the Book an appointment section where you are asked to select a clinic and type of service.

You will be directed to the Book an appointment page. From here, just follow the instructions displayed on the page.

Finally, click the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button

Once you have placed your online consultation, you will receive an email and a notification messages about your appointment and a reminder when your scheduled online consultation is coming.

For mobile users, here are the steps to start SeeYouDoc’s pre-consultation advice:

Open the SeeYouDoc app on your mobile device

Click the "Search" button to find a doctor that suits you

Select a doctor

Choose your consultation option:

Online Consult via appointment - you will set a schedule for your online consultation

Online Consult via direct call - you will request for an instant consultation

Online Consult via appointment

Click “Online Consult via appointment”

Select date and time you want to make the consultation. You will notice here the number of available slots in a specific schedule.

Select a SeeYouDoc profile who will make the online consultation

Provide a brief description of your symptoms, current physical condition, or state the reason why you would like to consult a doctor at the “Chief complaint” textbox. Then, click the “Continue” button to proceed with the next step.

Choose a payment option and confirm that you agree participate in telemedicine consultation

As we are currently battling against a global health crisis brought about by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), SeeYouDoc has partnered with volunteer doctors and the Department of Health to make free consultation available for patients.

Check carefully your appointment details. Once you confirm that the information you provided are correct, you may now click the “Book appointment” button.

Online Consult via direct call

Click the “Online Consult via direct call” button

Select which SeeYouDoc profile will make a direct online consultation

Describe briefly your symptoms or current physical condition at the text box provided.

Finally, click the “Proceed to video call” button

To check your appointments using your mobile device, simply click the Appointments button at the bottom of the Homepage.

In your appointment details, you should be able to see the status of your appointment. It could be Pending, Approved, Declined, and Completed.

A conference link will be available five minutes before your scheduled online consultation.

Note: Online consultations will depend based on the availability of your doctor. All video call fees vary on the amount set by the doctor. To be able to make pre-consultation advice with your doctor, you must have sufficient credit balance on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet. Click here to know more about adding credits to your e-wallet.

Need more help? As we build software to help innovate the medical industry today, our arms are also open to provide you assistance in any way possible. If you need a face to face, online or recorded demo, let us know by giving us a call or emailing us through & (+63) 917-702-6381.

Updated on: 10/22/2020

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