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How do I cash out my credits?

In order to cash out your income from conducting medical consultations using the SeeYouDoc MD app, you will need to set up your bank account details first.

When you have at least one bank account, follow these steps:

Log in to your SeeYouDoc account.

Go to your SeeYouDoc MD portal from the Get Started page by clicking the Go to my portal button under the SeeYouDoc MD app or through the menu button, as you see in the images below.

Option 1

Option 2

Click Credits on the side navigation bar.

Click on the CASH-OUT CREDITS button

Enter the desired Amount and select a bank Account, and then click on the REQUEST CASH-OUT button.

The SeeYouDoc team will process your request. You can view the status in the Credits page.

As soon as the transfer is approved by the respective banks, your request will be marked as Approved.

Updated on: 10/22/2020

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