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How do I become a SeeYouDoc MH user?

If you manage a hospital and is interested in SeeYouDoc MH, you can request to have your hospital added to our growing list of facilities. Simply click the "Learn More" button in the list of SeeYouDoc applications.

Note: You must have a SeeYouDoc account. If you don't have a SeeYouDoc account yet, we highly recommend you check out this article: How do I sign up for a SeeYouDoc account? (for patients) or How do I create a practitioner account in SeeYouDoc? (for medical practitioners)

Accessing the list of SeeYouDoc apps

If you just finished making your account, you should be in this page right now. If in case you've navigated to a different page, please follow these steps:

On the top-right corner of the screen, click on the button that has four squares as the icon, this will bring out a small menu which shows the different SeeYouDoc applications that you have access to.

In the menu that pops up, click on the button labeled "Get Started."

After clicking the button, you should already be in the list of SeeYouDoc apps.

Register a facility

To have your facility registered, first you must submit a request by clicking the "Learn more" button under SeeYouDoc MH.

You will then be redirected to a page where you can find a some more information about SeeYouDoc MH as well as the button to request to add your facility.

Clicking the button will bring you to a page where you are asked to fill in a short form (Note: Please use the correct information asked)

Once your request has been approved, a SeeYouDoc representative will contact you to discuss about further details regarding your registration.

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Updated on: 01/27/2021

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