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How do I add my clinics?

You just registered as a practitioner, congratulations! But now when you go to your MD portal, you are greeted by a blank page and you don't have any clinics. Don't worry because this article is gonna help you add a new clinic so that your current and potential patients could find you and book their appointments.

This applies to facilities that are already registered in the SeeYouDoc system. If your facility isn't registered with SeeYouDoc, scroll down to the 2nd section of this article.

Once you have accessed your SeeYouDoc MD portal, click on the large plus (+) symbol.

You will be taken to a new page where you can search for clinics/hospitals that are already registered in our system. Just simply type the name of the clinic/hospital in the search bar and click search.

To make the search as accurate as possible, we strongly encourage you to enter the complete name of the facility in the search box.

Clicking the search button will display the search results below.

If you found the facility that you were searching for, just simply click the "Add as clinic" button.

When the "Add as clinic" button has been pressed, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can see the new facility with a pending status. That means all you need to do now is wait until your request has been approved.

After your request has been approved, you will see that the status will change from PENDING to ACTIVE

You now have a clinic under practitioner profile! Nice!

But what if the facility I'm looking for doesn't exist in the system?

If your facility is not registered with SeeYouDoc, we've got you covered, just follow these steps.

From your SeeYouDoc MD clinics dashboard, click the "Add new clinic" button.

In the page where you are supposed to search for a clinic/hospital, click on the button bellow "Add new clinic" button.

You will then be redirected to a form wherein you must enter the details of the facility you wish to be registered with SeeYouDoc.

When your form has been submitted, you will have to wait until your request to have it added gets approved.

Once it has been approved, it should appear in the search page when you try to look for it.

If you already have a clinic listed in your account, we highly recommend that you see our article on what you can do with clinics or you can also start setting up the schedule of your clinic.

What can I do with clinics?
How do I set up the schedule at my clinic?

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Updated on: 10/22/2020

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