SeeYouDoc credits provide patients and doctors with a means to avail product features of SeeYouDoc. These credits, which will be digitally stored on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet, are essential to make online consultation.

When you purchase SeeYouDoc credits, this constitutes that you are buying either through these payment methods: (1) via PayPal account or (2) via credit/debit card.

Agreeing to purchase SeeYouDoc credits using either from the mentioned payment methods, may incur other additional charges from third party service providers, such as telecommunications fees, data fees or service provider fees. In this case, you are responsible for paying any additional charges.

Your SeeYouDoc wallet serves as an electronic wallet or e-wallet, which is your gateway to make quick and easy payments.

Here are the steps to add credits on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet:

Login to SeeYouDoc using your web browser.

Click on your profile picture where you should be able to see a drop down menu.

On the menu, click "Credit Points"

Enter your desired amount to transfer or choose from the preset amount.

Then, select from the two payment options available:

via PayPal - login to connect your PayPal account or provide necessary information through the PayPal Guest Checkout
via credit/debit card - fill up the necessary information in the form

Lastly, click the "Pay Now" button.

Once you are able to add credits on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet successfully, a notification will pop up on the upper right corner of your screen confirming your transaction.

Through the Credit Points page, you will also be able to see your current balance as well as all your transactions.

Note: Doctors determine the amount of their video call fees and reserve the right to change the price of their video call fee at any time. SeeYouDoc is not under any obligation liable to this circumstance.

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