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How do I add credits to my SeeYouDoc e-wallet?

SeeYouDoc credits provide patients and doctors with a means to avail product features of SeeYouDoc. These credits, which will be digitally stored on your SeeYouDoc e-wallet, are essential to make an online consultation.

When you purchase SeeYouDoc credits, this constitutes that you are buying either through these payment methods: (1) via credit/debit card or (2) via GCash.

Agreeing to purchase SeeYouDoc credits using either from the mentioned payment methods, may incur other additional charges from third party service providers, such as telecommunications fees, data fees or service provider fees. In this case, you are responsible for paying any additional charges.

Your SeeYouDoc wallet serves as an electronic wallet or e-wallet, which is your gateway to make quick and easy payments.

To top up credits, you will first need to have the following:
A SeeYouDoc account (How do I sign up for a SeeYouDoc account? or How do I create a practitioner account in SeeYouDoc?)
Either a credit/debit card or a GCash account

Once you have those requirements, simply follow the procedure below:

Assuming you have logged into your account, click on the image on the top-right hand corner of the screen.

A drop-down menu will appear. From here choose "Credit Points."

You will be redirected to the credits page where you can view your remaining balance and a table containing your transaction history. From here, click on the Cash-in Credits Button

Once you've specified an amount you wish to top-up, you can then go on and choose which payment method you prefer.

Choosing Credit or Debit Cards will redirect you to a form wherein you can enter your card information. Once you're done filling up the form, simply click on the Pay Now Button to complete your transaction.

Alternatively, if you choose the GCash option, you will be presented with a form wherein you are asked to enter your billing information.

Clicking on the Pay Now Button will redirect you to GCash's payment process, from there, just follow the instructions from GCash.

After completing the payment process, you should be redirected back to your credits page. If you selected Credit or Debit Card as your payment method, you should be able to see your new transaction immediately. However, if you selected the GCash option, it will take a few seconds for your transaction to be processed. After waiting a few seconds and refreshing the page, you should be able to see your balance and transaction history be updated

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Updated on: 10/22/2020

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